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What Do Compression Gloves Do: What To Know

Bridget Reed

What Do Compression Gloves Do: What To Know product
What Do Compression Gloves Do: What To Know

​​Compression gloves are an innovative solution to help you maintain an active lifestyle despite experiencing hand discomfort, tension, or soreness. These gloves are specifically designed to apply steady pressure to the hands and provide a range of benefits, like supporting healthy blood flow and promoting muscle relaxation. 


If you've ever wondered how compression gloves work or what they can do for you, you're in the right place. Let's explore the potential benefits of compression gloves and how to decide which pair is right for you.


What Are Compression Gloves?

Compression gloves are specialized wearable technology designed to provide gentle, constant pressure to the hands. This pressure is intended to be supportive, providing a sense of relief to tense, sore hands. Compression gloves have a firm but comforting grip, constantly reminding your muscles to relax and take it easy.


But how do they work? The science behind compression gloves is rooted in the principles of compression therapy


When you apply pressure to a particular part of the body, it supports circulation in that area. The gentle squeeze of compression gloves maintains blood flow, which in turn supports the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your hands. This process encourages recovery and promotes overall hand health.


What Are the Benefits of Using Compression Gloves?

Now that you know what compression gloves are and how they work, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can benefit your hands. 


Let's explore in more detail some key benefits of using compression gloves.


Support Healthy Blood Flow

One of the main benefits of compression gloves is their ability to support healthy blood flow. When the gloves apply steady pressure to your hands, it encourages the blood to move through your veins and arteries. Stable circulation can sustain several positive effects.


Stable blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to your hand muscles. This delivery can support muscle function and recovery after exertion, especially if you engage in activities that strain your hands. 


Circulation supports your body by flushing out waste products, such as lactic acid, which can build up in your muscles and cause soreness. By wearing compression gloves, you're not only helping your hands feel better, but you're also taking a proactive step toward maintaining their overall health.


Promote Muscle Relaxation

Compression gloves also promote muscle relaxation. When you're active, your muscles work hard. Over time, this can lead to muscle tension and fatigue, especially in your hands if they're involved in the activity. 


Compression gloves provide a gentle, constant pressure that can support your muscles as they relax. This pressure acts as a continuous reminder to your muscles to release tension, which can help prevent stiffness and discomfort. The result is relaxed hands and less fatigue, even after a day of intense activity.


Soothe Discomfort and Tension

Beyond promoting relaxation, compression gloves can also support comfort. The pressure applied by compression gloves can help curb feelings of tightness and discomfort in your hands. 


Moreover, the sustained circulation that comes with compression can help reduce the buildup of substances that might lead to muscle soreness. In other words, compression gloves are a simple yet effective tool for managing hand health.


Who Should Use Compression Gloves?

So, who stands to benefit from compression gloves? The answer is straightforward: anyone who experiences hand discomfort, tension, or soreness. This list includes athletes who frequently use their hands in their sport, like weightlifters or tennis players. 


But it's not just athletes who can benefit. Anyone whose hands are involved in repetitive tasks, such as typing or knitting, can benefit from the support of compression gloves. 


Even those who experience hand discomfort due to age or other factors may find relief using them. Compression gloves are a valuable ally if you're looking to support your hand health.


When Should You Wear Compression Gloves?

The best time to wear compression gloves depends on your needs and activities. If you're about to engage in a workout or activity that heavily involves your hands, such as lifting weights or playing a racquet sport, wearing compression gloves can support your muscles and joints, helping to manage discomfort and tension.


Similarly, if you're recovering from a hand injury, compression gloves can provide gentle support and circulation to support your recovery process. Even if you're simply going about your daily tasks, like typing, driving, or lifting groceries, compression gloves can provide support, relief, and recovery for sore muscles and joint stiffness in your wrists, palms, and fingers.


At Copper Fit, we've designed our fingerless compression gloves with these needs in mind. Our gloves feature non-slip silicone Sure Grip Technology, which supports your grip power and gives you more confidence when driving, opening and closing valves or jar lids, and carrying out any task requiring a non-slip grip. 


Made with breathable, moisture-wicking, copper-infused fabric, our compression gloves intend to support and empower. They fit like a second skin, providing a comfortable, supportive experience that can help you navigate your daily tasks with more ease and less discomfort.


How To Choose the Right Compression Gloves

Choosing the right compression gloves involves considering several factors, from size and fit to the compression level and several additional features.


Size and Fit

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the size and fit of the glove. A glove that's too tight may restrict movement and cause discomfort, while a glove that's too loose may not provide the desired compression level. 


At Copper Fit, we understand this concern, which is why our compression gloves come with an adjustable wrist strap. This allows you to customize the fit for added comfort and effectiveness.


Compression Level

Different gloves offer varying levels of compression. Some may provide a light compression suitable for seeking mild relief, while others offer higher compression levels, which may be beneficial for recovering from injuries or heavy physical activity. It's essential to choose a glove that aligns with your specific needs and comfort levels.


Comfort and Breathability

Comfort is king when it comes to wearable support. You want a glove that feels good to wear. We’ve designed our gloves with comfort in mind; they feature moisture-wicking, anti-chafing fabric that fits like a second skin. The four-way stretch material provides flexibility, ensuring you can comfortably perform any task while wearing them.


All of our compression gear also features copper infused technology for odor control, helping keep you feeling fresh no matter the activity.


Added Features

Some gloves offer additional features that can increase their effectiveness and comfort. For example, our ICE compression gloves release a cooling sensation, which can offer added comfort and support. This feature makes them an excellent choice for injury recovery or soothing sore muscles and joints after use.


The Bottom Line

Compression gloves are a game-changer for anyone experiencing hand discomfort, tension, or soreness. They provide support, promote healthy blood flow, aid muscle relaxation, and can sustain the soothing process. 


But remember, not all gloves are created equal. Size, fit, compression level, comfort, breathability, and additional features can significantly impact a glove's effectiveness.


At Copper Fit, we're committed to providing high-quality compression gear designed to fit your needs. Our gloves have adjustable straps for a perfect fit and offer varying compression levels with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.


We invite you to explore our full range of compression gear to up your wellness game. With the right support, you can stay active, feel better, and enjoy life every day.




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