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PART 1: Working Out & Protecting Your Knees – Some Great Stuff to Think About!

No matter how old you are, you know you need to do some sort of workout routine to stay fit. Now of course we know what your age is and what kind of shape you are in can determine what you do and for how long. But today we’re talking about your knees because their healthiness is so important when exercising.


Now feeling a little sore after exercising isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But experiencing actual knee pain means you should change the way you’re doing things. You have to work out in a manner that’s still good for your body but doesn’t have negative effects on your knees. So, here’s a few suggestions on ways you can keep your knees safe and still get the body workout you need.


The first thing you need to do is warm up and stretch a bit. Try going on a slow jog for a few minutes to get blood into the muscles, and then it’s onto some light stretching. Now you need to keep those knees healthy, so you should think about doing low-impact exercises that will help to protect and strengthen your knee joints.


It’s time to do some online research to find out what type of exercise would be best for you while keeping your knee joints protected. Now a treadmill and a rowing machine are good options for building muscle strength without putting too much pressure on the knees. But if the treadmill actually ends up as too much pressure, an elliptical machine is what you should lean towards. Like we said, some online research will do you good.


Before we get into more exercise suggestions, we thought we’d leave you with some workout tips to help you avoid getting into any knee problems. First off, whether you’re actually working out or not, wearing good shoes or sneakers with a good fit is optimal. This will give you proper balance and alignment which will help to prevent any injuries from occurring.


Now like I said earlier, you really want to warm up slowly, stretching the muscles on your thighs and hamstrings. This will loosen your tendons which will relieve pressure on your knees. And then low impact exercising is the key, which we’ll discuss in PART 2 of the article.


So, in the next Part 2 we’ll talk about different types of exercises you can do that will strengthen your body while keeping your knees strong and safe.

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