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5 Benefits of Compression Socks for Pregnancy

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5 Benefits of Compression Socks for Pregnancy
5 Benefits of Compression Socks for Pregnancy

If you’re currently expecting, you’re probablyveryfamiliar with the strain that pregnancy can put on your legs and feet. It makes sense that being pregnant would cause leg and foot fatigue; pregnancy means carrying some extra weight, which can quickly leave you feeling worn out.


That’s where compression socks come in. Thanks to their innovative design, compression socks can provide support and comfort for expecting moms at all stages of the pregnancy journey. 


Below, we’ll cover five of the biggest benefits of compression socks for pregnancy and how to choose the right compression socks for you.


What Are Compression Socks?

If you’re new to compression socks and other compression wear, here’s a quick explanation to fill you in:

  • Compression socks are designed to provide gentle, supportive pressure to key areas in your legs and feet. 
  • Compression can help your feet and legs stay comfortable all day, especially during and after workouts. 
  • Compression socks and other compression wear can benefit just about anyone, but they are especially popular among athletes, active workers, frequent travelers, and — you guessed it — pregnant women. 

It’s worth mentioning that compression isn’t an uncomfortable or constricting experience. When you wear compression gear that fits properly, you’ll never feel like you’re being squeezed. Instead, the built-in compression in Copper Fit Socks is soothing and revitalizing and provides just the right amount of pressure.


When Can You Wear Compression Socks?

You might be wondering how and when to wear compression socks for the best results. The answer is simple, but it has multiple parts:

  1. You can wear compression socks all day long if you want. Remember to wash them after each use and take them off before bed at night.

  2. You can also wear compression socks and other types of compression gear at specific times, such as during a tough workout or after you’ve finished exercising.

  3. Compression socks aren’t just for working out, though. Anytime you want some relief from everyday aches and pains in your legs and feet, wearing compression socks is a helpful step to take.

What Are the Perks of Compression Socks for Pregnant Women?

Now that you know what compression socks are and how they work, let’s take a look at some of the biggest perks of wearing them while pregnant. 


1. Fight Leg Fatigue

If you’re feeling tired and achy while pregnant, you’re in good company — the experience of pregnancy is exhausting for even the toughest moms-to-be. Your body is dedicating a considerable amount of its precious energy to supporting a developing life, so it’s no surprise you feel tired. 


Compression socks can help you feel rejuvenated during your pregnancy by giving your legs some much-needed relief from fatigue. 


You can wear them all day or put them on when you know you’ll be standing or moving around for long periods. The gentle compression supports your legs and feet in all the most beneficial places, including the arches of your feet, your ankles, and your calves.


2. Avoid Stinky Feet

When you choose the right pair of compression socks, you get more than just comfort — you can also avoid smelly feet. 


Foot odor can strike at any time, but it’s often the result of sweating. Since pregnancy can increase the amount of energy required to do everyday tasks, you’re liable to sweat a bit more while pregnant than you normally would. Thankfully, anti-odor compression socks can combat the inevitable stink.


Copper Fit Compression Socks are infused with copper, which has natural odor-fighting properties. That makes these socks ideal for you if your pregnancy has led to extra-sweaty feet.


3. Avoid Sweaty Feet

A high-quality pair of compression socks can also help you get to the root of the foot odor problem — excess sweat. 


Made from nylon, polyester, and spandex, Copper Fit Compression Socks are naturally moisture-wicking. This means they prevent a buildup of sweat from making your feet uncomfortable, naturally wicking the moisture away from your body throughout the day. 


If sweaty feet have become a big struggle since you got pregnant, moisture-wicking materials can be a game-changer. You’ll feel more confident, less fatigued, and better prepared to take on the day when you don’t have to worry about your feet and socks getting drenched with sweat on the daily.


4. Feel Better After Exercise

One of the main reasons why so many people swear by compression socks is their ability to boost post-workout recovery. One of the keys to staying healthy while pregnant is engaging in some daily exercise, but pregnancy can also make it harder to feel rested and recovered after a tough workout. That’s another helpful perk of wearing compression socks!


When you wear compression socks after a workout, your feet get extra support and comfort, helping you handle the inevitable aches and pains that come with intense exercise. As a result, you might find it much easier to get back to your daily cardio, even when it’s only been 24 hours since your last workout.


5. Get Cooling Relief From Aches and Pains

Pregnant ladies have a lot of obstacles to deal with on their journey from the first trimester to delivery. Muscle aches and pains are some of the most common hurdles that expecting moms have to leap over, and getting that much-needed relief is much easier with help from specialized compression socks. 


Copper Fit’s Ice Compression Socks are infused with menthol, giving your legs and feet a boost of cooling relief from everyday aches and pains. They’re easy to take on and off, even when your feet aren’t feeling their best. Plus, these cooling socks are ultra-flexible, meaning they’ll never limit your mobility or make you feel constricted. 


5. Soothe Dry Skin

Specialized compression socks come in a variety of useful forms, and moisture-infused socks are some of our top recommendations for pregnant women. Copper Fit’s Energy Plus Hydrating Compression Socks are infused with shea, vitamin E, coconut, and aloe, helping your legs and feet to stay soft, smooth, and itch-free. 


These socks work their magic thanks to our patented Motion-Activated Micro-Encapsulation technology, which gradually releases moisture as you move. That means you never have to worry about your feet getting greasy or being overly saturated with hydrating ingredients.


In addition, like all Copper Fit Compression Socks, the Energy Plus Hydrating Pair is infused with copper, so these socks fight odors while soothing your feet. It’s a win-win. 


How Do I Choose the Right Compression Socks?

With all these benefits in mind, here’s what you need to know about choosing compression socks.


The Right Fit Matters

We always recommend looking at a size guide before choosing a pair of compression socks. This step is crucial because the wrong size can reduce the effectiveness of the socks’ built-in compression. 


A pair that is too tight can feel a bit uncomfortable, although it doesn’t pose any serious health risks to wear tight socks. The main priority in choosing the right fit is comfort; you always want to feel your best in anything you wear — including your socks. 


When you choose a pair of compression socks that fit just right, you’ll be amazed by the results, superior comfort, just the right amount of support, and a sock that’s extremely easy to slip on and off. 


Consider Specialized Compression Socks

A classic pair of graduated compression socks can make you feel supported and refreshed, and we recommend that everyone keeps at least one pair in their drawer.However, adding some specialized compression socks to your collection can also be extremely beneficial on certain occasions. 


In addition to classic compression socks, it’s worth exploring options that are menthol-infused, moisture-infused, or reinforced with extra cushioning. You don’t have to make these your everyday socks — although you can if you want to — but they’re wonderful to have handy whenever you need some extra comfort and self-care


Find a Pair That Fits Your Style

Compression socks shouldn’t just be functional; they should be stylish, too.


When you find a pair that looks right to you, go for it. Whether you want the minimalist ankle sock look or some loud and expressive multicolor compression socks, there’s no wrong choice. It’s easy to find a pair in our collection that fits seamlessly into your personal style.



Compression socks have some big benefits for you if you’re waiting for a baby to arrive.


We know it’s a hectic time with plenty of emotions and a long to-do list. With high-quality compression socks, we hope to give you one less thing to worry about: aching legs and feet.


If you want to know more about compression and the unique technology we use to make our products, visit our Compression 101 page. In addition, make sure to check out theCopper Fit blogfor our latest tips.


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