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Brett Favre’s Top 5 Gifts to Give This Season

Pam, Team Copper Fit

Blue Reef Productions
Blue Reef Productions

Brett is the first NFL quarterback to throw for 500 touchdowns, has thrown passes for 70,000 yards, completed 6,000 passes, and attempted 10,000 passes. But guess what, gift-giving is a tough one for ALL of us, even a Hall of Famer. 

Let’s take a peek at Brett Favre’s gift-giving list for those near and dear to him- his family and friends. This year, Brett wants to give gifts that encourage his loved ones to live their active lives to the fullest. And it might give you some gift-giving inspo too. 

Brett’s Wife

Some gifts NEVER go out of style. Jewelry, perfume, all the things we don’t buy ourselves are welcome- you usually can’t go wrong!

Top gifts for women this year include cozy robes, yummy candles, and all things relaxation.

But Favre and his wife met in high school, and first dates included two on two basketball games. “Sporty” runs on ALL sides of this family. 

And get this: Deanna is a veteran of triathlons and has DEFEATED her Hall of Fame husband by almost 10 minutes in the sprint triathlon (a 75-kilometer swim, 20-kilometer bike, and 5-kilometer run). 

What do you get for the wife that beats you in a triathlon?

Being a triathlete can take its toll! Rapid Relief Knee Brace- it’s got all the benefits of hot and cold therapy in a convenient, targeted wrap. It is a true recovery on the go. 

Here’s an idea - A Rapid Relief Knee Brace AND the jewelry! Now that’s a winning combo.

Brett’s Daughters 

Dad-to-daughter gifts can be particularly special and meaningful. The best gift is time together when your daughters are grown and out of the house. A family trip to a unique destination is at the top of the list- it may be a tropical location or skiing. Favre family vacations are probably not all about relaxation, and I’m sure there’s a bit of action thrown in! 

For daughter #1, the perfect legging to pack: Copper Fit Energy Full-Length Everyday Leggings.

Wherever vacay takes you, these are cute enough to wear all day. They are indeed the perfect high-quality, workout-ready leggings. The copper yarn fibers last the garment's lifetime and prevent odors. The 4-way stretch fabric moves with the body. Perfect for an outdoor run or a casual dinner - it’s easy to slip a house key or phone into the side pocket too. 

For daughter #2: For the girl with the high-energy lifestyle- energy socks! High Energy Performance Ankle Socks. Loaded with cushion and support for the day- whether that means a hike or the gym, they are all-day comfort for this daughter on the go. 

Vacation + leggings and Energy socks= gift-giving like a true champion!

Brett’s Cousin

Now, this is the gift for ANY family member that works out hard or carries tension in their body from the stresses of life. But then again, isn’t that ALL of us? 


Brett’s pick: The Copper Fit Deep Tissue Massage Gun.

Massage guns are excellent at relaxing the body with the ability to release tension deep in the muscles. The tissue massage can also help increase circulation, allowing more oxygen to the muscles—a great time to use this: right after a workout for more significant recovery with reduced muscle soreness.

Brett’s Friends

Brett has lots of friends in the football world. And they have the aches and pains to prove it. But the thing is, none of them want to slow down just yet. Being active and competitive is in their blood, whether it’s a round of golf or throwing around the football. 

Brett is gifting his friends a Copper Fit Ice Knee Sleeve. ​​Not only does it have the compression technology that can help temporarily relieve muscle and joint aches and pains, improve circulation, and reduce swelling and recovery time, but the patented micro-encapsulation technology is what makes it even more soothing. The more you move, the more the cooling sensation of menthol and the energizing properties of CoQ10 is released into the compression fabric. This patented technology is focused on providing all-day comfort for an active day. 

Brett’s Brother

Since hanging up his cleats, Brett has turned to golf and has even hosted some fundraising tournaments for charity through The Favre 4 Hope Foundation. 

Brett’s choice for his brother and the other guys in his life is the Copper Fit Energy Men’s Dry Performance Golf Polo. It’s the go-to gift for any buddies or brothers - the perfect shirt to wear to work or play. The moisture-wicking, micro-mesh fabric will keep you dry and cool in a big meeting or at the tee box- and you can even go straight from the course to the restaurant because of the antimicrobial copper yarn to control odors. 

For Brett:

Favre knows how to tackle aches and pains first hand, and that is why he has partnered with Copper Fit to get him through his workouts and through the day. 

“I live with muscle and joint soreness every day,” Favre said, reflecting on his life in the NFL while working on his farm in Mississippi. “But life after football can be just as tough. For knee and elbow support, I choose Copper Fit.”

The Copper Fit Rapid Relief Back Support not only provides back support all day, right where you need it, but Brett likes the hot and cold therapy that his back is asking for. 

Follow Favre’s lead, and be a gift-giving champion. Copper Fit, the perfect gift for those who want to “Live Limitless!” Check out today and find something for everyone on your list. 

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