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12 Ways to Get Outside and Celebrate EARTH

Pam, Team Copper Fit

12 Ways to Get Outside and Celebrate EARTH product
12 Ways to Get Outside and Celebrate EARTH

We can celebrate - and nourish - the earth every day, but April 22 is a special day we can all come together to do something above and beyond. What better way than to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while also chipping in to do something positive for the planet? Earth Day has been around for quite a while, with the first one taking place in 1970. The intention? A nationwide movement to cut down on pollution, smog, and environmental hazards and strive together toward a more sustainable environment. It’s also a time to celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature all around us! Here are 12 ways to do just that.

12 Ways to Get Outside and Celebrate Earth:

  1. Clean-up time. Organize a group to walk the city. Split up and take different neighborhoods. Make it competitive! Whoever fills their bag up with the most trash gets a prize. Be part of a bigger movement with the Big Global Cleanup, a worldwide campaign where you can share your cleanup plans. 
  2. Grow something. Planting a tree is always a great idea on Earth Day - why not plant a garden? Growing plants and trees produce oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide, and gardens allow you to grow nutrient-dense food while controlling pesticide use. Better yet, get the next generation involved, and offer to help a local school start a garden. Don’t let carpal tunnel or arthritis stop you; bring Copper Fit Hand Relief Compression Gloves. They will help provide support, relief, and recovery from sore muscles and painful joint stiffness in your wrists, palms, and fingers.
  3. Support local farming. A little goes a long way, make the local Farmers Market part of your weekly routine, and get friends to join you. You’ll support the local economy and benefit from delicious, flavorful local farm-to-table food. Google local “you-pick” farms and choose your own fresh fruits and vegetables right off the vine. Find local farms to visit and volunteer at here
  4. Plogging! Here’s a new one! The Swedish have devised a new way to work out - and do good! Plogging is a mix of jogging and the Swedish word for “pick up,” which is plocka upp.  Maybe it’s a quick run through the local park or packing out the trash on a backpacking trip with friends. Pick a day each week to enjoy getting together - and go plogging in a new location each time.  Whether you are in your running shoes or hiking boots - Copper Fit Arch Relief Bands use compression to provide soothing comfort and energizing support to sore and achy arches. 
  5. Hang time. Beautiful spring days are here, get outside, tie up a laundry line, and hang your clothes to dry. Nothing beats the freshness of line-dried sheets, and according to Green America, air-drying your clothes can reduce the average household's carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds a year! 
  6. Cut down drive time. A 20-minute walk to a friend's house? No problem! We all know that the carbon dioxide emitted from cars is a significant human-caused contributor to greenhouse gas. Walking is good for you and the environment, a win-win all around.
  7. Dine outside. Longer days with evening sunlight mean dinner can be outside “al fresco.” The benefit for mother earth? Outside time means less need to crank up the energy-sucking A/C when you get home from work. And a little end-of-day vitamin D is good for you too!
  8. Help marine life. Wherever you live, you can help by using sustainable products that won’t fill the landfill - often, unrecycled plastic ends up in the world’s beautiful oceans. Everyone can cut down on plastic use. If you live near the sea, do your own beach clean-up, or volunteer for organizations like Surfrider or the Ocean Conservancy. 
  9. Hit the road! Visit a National Park and enjoy the beauty of this planet. Added plus - visitor fees help support and protect the National Parks for future generations. Plan a hike into nature, guided or with your own trail map. Be sure to pack a Copper Fit ICE Knee Sleeve, a compression sleeve infused with micro-encapsulated menthol designed to provide more support and help temporarily relieve muscle and joint aches and pains.
  10. Grab a bike! Dust off your bike and decide to bike when you can. To the market, your friend's house, maybe even to work! Find a local bike path guide like Cal Bike to determine which routes work best.

    1. Make a bird feeder. Celebrate and support wildlife around you - invite the birds to visit more often and make a milk jug bird feeder. What’s better than nature right outside your window?
    2. Watch the sunset. Have a moment of gratitude for this beautiful planet while enjoying the sunset. It’s calming and a true connection to nature - plus, it’s free! Invite a friend, and find a great sunset spot in your town.

      Take time to celebrate earth this month. Do something good for the planet. We hope this has inspired you to get outside with gratitude.

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