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Memorial Day Weekend Plans -  Here Comes Summer!

Pam, Team Copper Fit

5 ways to spend memorial day weekend
5 ways to spend memorial day weekend

The countdown to summer is here; you can feel it in the air! Once Memorial Day weekend comes, it’s the start of summer nights, walks on the beach, vacation plans, suntans - SUMMER!  First and foremost, Memorial Day weekend is a special time to commemorate and honor all those who have died in U.S. military service. It’s also a time to connect with the ones we love. We’ve got some ideas for you to plan the perfect three-day weekend filled with honoring those special Americans and creating lasting memories with family and friends. Oh, and some summer prep, too. We’ve got you covered, whatever you choose to do!


Here are five ways to spend Memorial Day weekend: 


  1. It’s all about the BBQ:

Finally, it's warm and sunny, and it’s time to be outside and fire up the grill. The essential components: friends, family, food, games, drinks, and fun! The Copper Fit Men’s Polo is the perfect shirt for the party - from casual to dressy, whether you are fresh off the golf course or ready to play cornhole! It’s made of moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric with a comfortable 4-way stretch. Now that we’ve got your wardrobe covered; here are the other ingredients for a perfect BBQ:

  • You can’t go wrong with the traditional favorite menu items: hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and watermelon.  Those classics are usually crowd-pleasers, but you can always do healthy swaps like skinless chicken breasts or coleslaw with vinegar. The healthier options are often even tastier! We love Gwyneth Paltrow’s Barbecue-Glazed Turkey Burgers.
  • Yard games are a must.  We love volleyball (just set up a net on the grass, lots of people can play at once) and old favorites like sack races and cherry pit spitting. If you don’t have a lot of space, make your own “Minute to Win It” - there are tons of ideas. Just do a quick google search. 


  1. Join the parade!

This day of honor for our veterans is celebrated at the Capitol, where the National Memorial Day Concert takes place on the west lawn. For towns all over the country, the parade down “main street” is a long-standing tradition to honor and bring people together. The first recorded memorial day parade was in 1865 - you could say it’s up there with our oldest traditions. Maybe it’s marching bands, the town cheerleaders, or the military veterans- there’s nothing like a parade to make you feel the energy of camaraderie, community, and fun. If you are heading out to walk in a parade or just watch one, stay as comfortable as you can be. Guy's, our Copper Fit Zero Gravity Shoes is the shoe that's got it all: a soft inner lining, comfortable even without socks, a cushioned insole with arch support to help reduce foot fatigue, and solid support that’s virtually weightless on your feet.

  • If your town doesn't have a parade, consider your own neighborhood parade! Decorate the kids' bikes in patriotic colors and parade down to the park - end with popsicles and games.
  • Walk the neighborhood or downtown and plant small flags in the lawns or in a row down main street. 
  • Consider getting a special gift for a neighborhood veteran - it can be as simple as fresh baked cookies.



    1. Road Trippin’

    So gas prices may be on the rise, but road tripping might still be your best way to travel. If you are overspending on gas, you can save on lodging by bringing your tent! Just hop in the car and take in the natural monuments or historical sites you’d miss on a plane.

    • A great place to start when looking for the perfect destination? The US’s 400 National Parks. Start by searching for a national park in your state at you can sort by region and check out the helpful travel guides.
    • Our fave new app: HearHere - it’s “the perfect road trip app” that brings you all the local stories, the history, and legends of the land you are traveling through. Your car time will fly by.
    • Pack your food for the trip: think fresh fruit, low mess, high protein, and low sugar snacks to fill you up. Homemade Chex mix, lots of fresh fruit, and beef jerky to tide you over.
    • Plan to hike, get outdoors, and take in the beauty of nature. Don’t forget good shoes and the right socks for a long day on your feet: Copper Fit Cushioned Energy Gripper Socks are ultra-soft with a cushioned footbed for generous comfort and a cushioned heel for comfort.  Since they are copper-infused for odor-reduction- they really are the perfect road trip companion!


    1. Hit the beach! 

    If you are going to the ocean or the lake, get there EARLY to get a prime spot! We do have some tips to make it a smooth day:

    • Pack lots of food and water. Easy nibbles are our go-to for a long beach day. No one wants to pack forks and plates; instead, fill up Tupperware with bite-size food. Think cheese and crackers, frozen grapes, turkey and cheese roll-ups, and PB& J.
    • There are many ways to spend the day: long walks on the beach and time in the water, but don’t forget the paddleball, volleyball, and smash ball. No nets are needed; just two people are minimum. It’s also always a good idea to bring a deck of cards or two. Don’t forget shovels - building a sandcastle is a must!

    Copper Fit Tip: Did you know that baby powder is the fool-proof, easy way to get sand off of your body when before you get in the car? Put on baby powder, brush it off - and off comes the stuck on sand too!


    1. Get working 

    Get the backyard summer-ready. Maybe the best way to spend the weekend is to plan for the summer - and that means getting the yard ready for the months to come. Besides the basic backyard chores that we all know need to get done, here are some fun projects that reap big rewards!

    • Consider building a fire pit. A favorite summer pastime is enjoying the mild weather, sitting around a fire pit, chatting, and maybe a little star gazing too. Building a firepit isn’t as hard as you might think - check out some videos from for help. 
    • It’s not too late to plant a garden! If you are just starting Memorial Day weekend, consider veggies that need the least amount of time to mature: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, and beans. (Most take under 75 days.) You can also plant seeds for fall veggies like beans, radishes, corn, pumpkins, and squash. If you are outside working all day - you want a shirt that keeps the odor away! Copper Fit’s Women’s Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Shirt is copper-infused which means odor-reducing, and its breathable, lightweight fabric makes it the perfect summer top. It’s flattering too!


    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Find the perfect combination of work, play, and appreciation for our heroes that will kick off your summer just right!

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